Grand Opening on Saturday 1-3pm!

It was raining again Sunday in August. So my family tried out the new Remington YMCA in Quarry Park. A few days later we got a family membership. We've been there almost everyday since.  Here's why...

The Pool Is Awesome

'Daddy, can we go to pool tomorrow?' I've been asked this before bed, at breakfast and dinner, while we're watching the Olympics, and as we're leaving the pool. The kids pool is perfect for small children. Absolutely perfect. There's a shallow pool with an epic play structure, water toys, and spraying water everywhere. There's also a larger kids pool that's WARM. They can splash and play in one pool, then put life jackets on and swim in the larger pool. All without freezing.

Childminding is Really Affordable

Leilani and I booked Childminding at least one morning every week. For way less than the cost a babysitter we drop the kids off in a supervised playroom and hit the weight room. An hour later we retrieve our two happy girls and everyone goes to the pool. Mommy and Daddy get a good workout, the kids get to play, everyone goes swimming: a perfect family morning.

A New Weight Room and Gym

You can't go wrong with brand new, up to date equipment in a spacious weight room that has everything you need. It's a great place for a casual workout, or to get a little hardcore.

One Tuesday I went to the gym to shoot hoops. Some teenagers needed one more guy to play 3on3 and talked into joining. There was a tall kid on my team who was pretty good and they were surprised that an old guy like me was actually had serious skillz. My team destroyed them. It was fun and good for my self-esteem. 

Tip: on weekday mornings they set up kids play equipment in the gym for a parented playtime. It's as fun for parents as it is for kids.

The Building is Beautiful

Check this place out. It's gorgeous inside and out. And it shares the space with a Public Library.

The Y Is A Great Community

My favourite thing about the Y is the people. The parents you meet in the pool. The random people you joke with in the weight room. The teenagers you trash on the basketball court. The staff who have bought in to Y's place in the community. It's an uplifting place to go. Lots of smiles.

I ran into two different clients in the pool this week. Both awesome people. I hope to see a lot more of you at the Y. You can be on my 3on3 team.

Tip: I hope I'm not divulging a secret... the first day we went to the Y, they gave us a 10 day free trial membership. No obligations at all. So get one. Try it out.

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