We'd Be Really Rich If We Had No Soul

We talked people out of bad real estate decisions all the time. All. The. Time.

KaraLee and I just spent three hours in a car together driving to the Century 21 Kickoff in Edmonton. 

If you know the two of us, then you know what that would be like. We laughed, strategized, bounced ideas off each other, laughed more, came up with even better ideas, said ‘we said write this down… the funny stuff and the valuable stuff’, created about 2 years worth of new work for each other, told funny stories… that’s the gist.

Sprinkled throughout our conversations, a common theme kept coming up. We talk people out of bad real estate decisions on weekly basis. I originally wrote daily but that would be hyperbole. Weekly is not. 

We went back and forth from Blackfalds  to Leduc… A ‘cheap’ condo revenue property that wasn’t actually cheap. A ‘beautiful’ piece of land riddled with pipelines. A large lot to ‘drop’ a tiny house on. A ‘rent to own’ that they should never want to own. Renos planned to their ‘unique taste’ for a house they planned to sell in two years. Even the ‘perfect house’ on the busy section of the neighbourhood’s main artery.

‘We would make so much money if we weren’t good people.’ KaraLee said with laugh. Then her face went blank. The laughter fell out of her voice. ‘That’s sad… isn’t it?’


I’m sorry if you’re reading this and you’re one of these stories, but also, you’re welcome.

'That Was A Bad Investment' happens way more often in real estate than 'Get Rich Quick'

But Get Rich Quick does happen. ‘We love our home,’ happens to our clients all the time. So does ‘We’ve built up a lot of equity’ and ‘We have so many options from the money we’ve made on this home’. 

This is where I hate to sound arrogant, but the vast majority of the time we hear those positive things is because they listened to our advice. We talked them out of something, them into something better: a home that would gain in value and appeal while they loved living in it and filled it with great memories.

We’d really like you to make Smart Real Estate Decisions. If you’re pondering any kind of Real Estate sale or purchase, please please please click here run it by us first.

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