I keep telling myself that summer isn’t over yet! 

Okay... maybe I'm holding on a little too tight and it's time to face reality. But there's is still at least one weekend left to fire up the grill and cook something delicious. 

Here are my top 5 things to grill up from the Calgary Farmers' Market

To make your life even easier, I’ve added an accompanying  spice from the Silk Road Spice Merchant. Pick your meat, grab a spice, get some wine/beer (more on that later) then soak up what's left of summer. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

5. Elk Steak From Bauer Meats

Even though we live so close to the mountains, most of us have never really tried game meats. Elk steaks are my personal favourite game meat. More lean, but just as flavourful as beef. They are easy to cook: sprinkle some Juniper Berry Spice Rub and grill them just like a beef steak, but a little more rare. 

4. Peaches From Cherry Pit

Fresh peaches are the perfect summer dessert. Cut them in half. Brush on a little canola oil. Throw them on a medium grill for two minutes to get a little soft and some nice grill lines. Sprinkle (or dump) Silk Road's Summer Fruit Sugar all over them until they're not healthy anymore. So good. So freakin' good.

3. Pork Butt Steak From Spragg's Meat Shop

There lots of great cuts of pork to get from Spragg’s. Mike, the manager, and also the wicked chef behind Seed+Soil, recommends pork butt steaks for grilling. They don’t dry out like pork chops, and they have a very ‘steaky’ test for being pork. They’re like a poor man’s New York Strip meets bacon. Cover them in Memphis Pork Rub. Yep, they’re really good. 

2. Whatever Brian at Market Seafood Recommends

Brian, the owner of Market Seafood, is also an amazing chef. This what I do... walk up to their display case and ask Brian, ‘What’s good today?’ He will have an answer, and a different answer depending on what's fresh. Then ask Brian 'How should I grill it.' He’ll give you good, simple advice. On Saturday we had the sockeye salmon. Brian said to put tin foil over for the grill and seasoned with Salt Water Chilli Lime. You’ll have the same thought that I do every time I bite into Brian’s fish prepared Brian’s way, ‘I love you Brian.’

1. New York Strip or Ribeye from Silver Sage Beef

We really do have the best beef in the world right here in Alberta. Silver Sage might be the best of the best. To learn why it’s so awesome, check out the blog I wrote a few years ago and when the family behind Silver Sage came over to my house dinner a few years ago. Rising incredible beef is truly an art and science.

I prefer fatty succulentness of the ribeye. My wife, Leilani, prefers the meatiness if the New York Strip. I prefer the spiciness of the St-Laurent Steak Spice. Leilani prefers the smokiness of the Chicago Steak Spice. Either way, you have the meal of your life.

Pro Tip: Get Some Booze From J Webb

Now that you've got a great dinner planned... walk across the parking lot to barn that houses J Webb Wine Merchant. My advice is: tell them what you got for dinner, and ask them what you should drink. Sarah, the beer guru, always nails it. Always.

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